Italian Street Painting Marin

Workshops page banner CREDITS: artist, Jeanie Burns: photo, Joy Phoenix

Street Painting Workshops

Italian Street Painting Marin is excited to keep this 13th century art form alive and foster the artists and designers who will be the next generation of Madonnari. We will offer workshops to showcase this popular art form and provide instruction and mentorships for our future Madonnari.

CREDITS:  photo, Joy Phoenix


We welcome both the professional artist and teens, and to help them both we will hold instructional workshops taught by veterans of this performance art.

Teen workshops cover the basics of this street painting technique, reveal the history of the art form, and offer hints for organizing, designing, and executing vibrant works of art.

Professional workshops explore techniques for working various surfaces, innovations developed by other Madonnari, and what’s new in this unique medium.

Workshop Schedule TBA

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